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ICW stands for Inter- Continental Workshops, an organization

In- House Trainings

We offer specific In-house workshops tailor made as per the requirements of every Industry. The course contents are designed to match the current demand in the market and to meet the current need of its employees.

Expert Panel

We have an expert panel that are authorized to research and bring forth the expert trainers to deliver the sessions. All our trainers are approved by our panel members. Hence, it is tantamount to say we do not compromise on the quality of trainers.


Apart from 2 day workshops, we also do One day and Three Day workshop based on the wide range of topics that are essentially needed to be addressed in that span of time.

VISION : To be set apart as a unique company (A one point solution) providing intensive training to every manufacturing & service industry in India & abroad.


ICW stands for Inter- Continental Workshops, an organization (Based in Mumbai, India) that believes in 100% Work ethics & uncompromising Integrity. We maintain a high level of honesty read more...

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Mission: To deliver high performance systematic training on a regular basis undergirded by strong commitment to growth and development.