Who We Are?

ICW Group works as A bridge between different continents committed to deliver World Class Training & Workshops for Pan India & abroad.


Why not

We cater services to all the manufacturing and process industries in India. We specialize in providing:
Technical Conferences
In-House Training


Why Us?

In Today’s world of glitz, glamour and blinding technology, ICW Group tries to achieve special feats. How does this group stand apart from all the rest? How does this group stand as a separate entity in these competitive times? ICW Group gives the answer to these questions through the zeal and commitment of our staff and team mates. We maintain a very high standard of work ethics and hence we cannot compromise on the quality of Training thus ensuring a 100% ROI.

            Industries we serve

1. Oil & Gas
2. Automobile
3. Pharmaceutical
4. Power
5. Cement
6. Chemical
8. Engineering
9. Sugar
10. Infrastructure
11. Strategic Management
12. Banking
13. Inventory


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